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Turkey / Re: Look What I Have!
« Last post by Orenstein on August 28, 2018, 08:32:44 AM »
How's your flock like now, Dawn? How many do you have atm?
Guineafowl / Re: Let's hatch a batch!
« Last post by ThaiSiTran on August 01, 2018, 08:50:40 PM »
I'm good to go. Find someone! 11111
Guineafowl / Let's hatch a batch!
« Last post by ThaiSiTran on July 30, 2018, 02:14:51 PM »
Hey guys,
 It been a while, but I am back to playing farmer. Got me 12 acres in NE Kentucky full of ticks, but I am in love with the land. So I need ticks eating machines. I don't want to spray as I am playing bee friendly farming. Can any Flocker point me to the right person with some fertile eggs? Thank you sooooo very much!
Thai Tran
Talk - Talk - Talk / Re: Awesome Products For Flockers
« Last post by Lochens on February 15, 2018, 10:14:10 AM »
Call me nuts but that gun dog leash looks kind of freaky to me. It's just an odd idea. Maybe that's just me though.
Pests and Predators / Snake Time Is Here Again
« Last post by Peacerose on November 06, 2017, 11:37:42 AM »
The other day I was working in the quail porch and heard a loud continuous hissing, rattling sound.  At first I thought it was the propane tank leaking gas.  Went outside to investigate and Whitey spotted the problem -- a large rattler in the fence line.  It had its mouth wide open hissing and was furiously rattling.  What terrible threat was this snake facing?  A male Northern Bobwhite.  The bobwhite was confronting the snake about 18" away.  Brave.

I had to RUN back to my house to get the gun. Shot him in the face and collected a souvenir.  The snake was a Western Diamondback like all my past rattlers.  36" long.

Two things were unusual about this event:

1.  The bobwhite.  All my brown bobwhites are Butlers and this was no butler.  It was the same size as my Mexican Speckleds.  I'm thinking bobwhites were released on a neighboring ranch and some came over here to investigate the sounds coming from the quail porch.

2.  The rattling.  None of my previous rattlesnakes rattled.  I learned from Lathe that rattlers in our area have stopped rattling because of the feral hogs.  Maybe this one rattled because he knew his "enemy" had seen him?  Another thing that was kind of funny is that even after I shot his head off, the tail kept rattling and then slowly ran down like a wind up toy. 

This was the first snake incident that I handled alone, so it was an especially proud day. 

Chickens / Re: Buckeyes 2017
« Last post by Peacerose on November 02, 2017, 01:06:11 PM »
What does Bro think of the buckeyes?
Chickens / Re: Buckeyes 2017
« Last post by Fat Daddy on October 30, 2017, 07:49:17 AM »
They are looking good Dawn! I love it when they match like that! There always seems to be a "clinker" in my  flocks, .... You've done well Lady. My brother has the buckeyes on the other end of the farm now. I can still hear his rooster crow'n, but only see them when they're in driveway!
Chickens / Re: Buckeyes 2017
« Last post by Peacerose on October 26, 2017, 02:08:27 PM »
I'm really happy with my 2017 pullets -- they are of consistent color and tail angle.  Also, we seem to have lost the excessive back feather cushion.  Woo HOOOO!!!!  These issues were my greatest breeding concerns when selecting the rooster, Waylon Tallboy.  His comb and color are perfect, but his tail is a bit too high imho.  So that worked, but for next year it will be important to choose a rooster with proper tail angle.

But first, the pullets.  I'll be looking especially for wide heads and bodies. Also being mindful of the brow ridge.  I'm prepared to bring my breeding flock down to a small number this year as there are some very important traits to lock down.

Ha Ha!  Listen to my big plans.  face  This is the first time I had enough hens to make any meaningful selections!   sunny  Here are some of the 2017 pullets in action:


Talk - Talk - Talk / Re: DAMN I MISS SUSIE.......
« Last post by Peacerose on October 24, 2017, 01:36:11 PM »
 hugs Thanks for posting, Bill!  It's been hard to move ahead with this forum with Susie gone.  I have some new buckeye pictures and aim to post this evening.  Also have some ideas for improving the forum but no changes until first of the year. 

The hugging emoticon  hugs is emblematic of Susan and so I want to permanently dedicate it to her.  From now on, when we see it or use it, we can remember her.


Talk - Talk - Talk / DAMN I MISS SUSIE.......
« Last post by Fat Daddy on October 19, 2017, 09:14:00 PM »
I miss her giggle and subtle humor. No one has called me a "arse" or flooded my phone with text since she passed. I hope she knows how much it all meant.....
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